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Thrive Financial Dubai are a leading property services provider based in Dubai, and we will help you find the right home or investment property and advise and obtain on finance.

Buying a home or buying an investment property in Dubai can be hugely time-consuming. In the current property market it can be difficult to find the right property meeting your criteria. You may be based abroad, required to travel with work frequently or simply don’t have the time to put into researching, viewing, evaluating & negotiating the various options available.

Thrive Financial Dubai specializes in the off-plan property market and offers a bespoke sourcing and acquisitions service for buyers.

We partner with clients to identify suitable properties, arranging mortgage finance, and negotiate with sellers on price and closing the deal. We have built up an extensive network geared towards property acquisitions, and we leverage this network to ensure our clients find the right property at the right price in the right location. 

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We operate differently from the typical real estate agency. We do not hold a list of properties that we try to impose to our clients. We listen and understand carefully our clients’ individual needs and work with selected number of real estate agencies to source those properties that reflect our clients’ expectations. We work extensively to filter and shortlist the correct properties for our clients.

Our team of property professionals combine a data driven valuation and analysis process with over 20 years of financial experience at to source the best rental properties with the highest investment potential for you.


  • We identify your criteria and match it against what is available

  • We identify budgets, expectations and adopt a model based on client needs and manage expectations within market conditions

  • We personally view properties with you and learn from your views and you will learn from our 20 years of experience instantly and in real time

  • We work alongside your professional advisors

  • We identify, negotiate and execute

  • Being Accountants, we explain the finance and legal process thoroughly

  • We always recommend that surveys are carried out for both commercial and residential transactions and often use valuations as negotiating tools

  • We analyse market price and financial trends and we check the price of the recent transactions of similar units in the same buildings, in order to be ready to negotiate the best deal for our clients.


Sourcing property is a very time-consuming activity and it takes years of relationship building and expertise to get those deals before other members of the public snap them up. It requires a rigorous due diligence process to ensure that accurate outcomes are achieved..

Our clients include first time property investors that may need guidance in identifying the most suitable property to meet their investment objectives. We liaise with our clients on what they want, need and more importantly advise on what is possible. Our time and experience in this area is invaluable.

We also source property for institutional investors and high net worth individuals. Our long term relationships with credible developers have been a key driver in creating joint venture opportunities for simple buy-to-let (BTL) renovations, high value luxury property and large scale developments.

If you need below market value (BMV) property to add your portfolio we aim to make buying those investment properties easy for you. Primed Property has an extensive portfolio of property opportunities on a weekly basis. To put it simply, we have too many opportunities and deals to take advantage of ourselves.

We place a huge emphasis on sourcing quality property which gives high monthly yields in areas that have excellent potential for capital growth.

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