Our Services


The clear definition and refining of business and financial objectives can save a great deal of time and money at every stage of your business journey – and can be the key to survival if you’re experiencing financial difficulty. Thrive provides the commercial services that can help your company break through new barriers of growth and sustainability.

Accounting in General

Thrive Financial offers legal, internal and executive review, VAT consulting, and a variety of other financial consultant services in addition to duty and general accounting services.


Thrive Financial is a well-known accounting and bookkeeping firm with offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, all in the United Arab Emirates. We have a team of certified bookkeepers who are committed to assisting organizations with their bookkeeping, accounting, and financial procedures.

CFO, FD, or financial controller services

We have a solution if you’d want the knowledge of a CFO, FD, or Financial Controller in your small firm but can’t afford to hire one. We can give you the support you need, whether it’s a few hours per week or a few days per month. It’s similar to having a business management consultant at your disposal. 

Support Services

The Thrive Financial & Business Consultancy service enables SMEs to grow and to have the same tools and resources at their disposal as their larger rivals to assist in making crucial business choices.